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Mandy Steward

Hello. I am a Leo, which traditionally means I love to tell you about mySelf. What you don't often hear about Leos is that they only want to tell you if you are going to value what you hear. I am a writer, an artist, a teacher, a thinker, a reader. I married Tony Steward in the year 2000 and we have four children. Our story makes me go soft.  Also, we ride bicycles. 

My life is dedicated to expressing the deeper reality as I see it. The deeper reality exists in a layer below what is commonly referred to as the "real world" and it must be sought after alone, with much passion and grit. This is where my time and energy, blood and sweat, love and devotion goes. This is my choice. To do this requires: my living, my freedom and my happiness. I have high standards, big desires and great expectations. My greatest spiritual need is to seek and enjoy.

As I live here on this Earth I make observations and record them. I take note of how the observations make me feel and what desires I am left with. I take action on my own behalf to see to my desires concretize. I think of this action as making magic.  In this way, over and over again, I make my freedom and happiness possible in this lifetime. This MAD life is mine and mine alone, and I must see to it. I am living something worth seeing. 


This is where I'm headed:

  • Participation in bringing order to chaos
  • Creating routines
  • Focusing on the here and now and creating towards the next and new.
  • Acting on feelings
  • Softening in my skin
  • Anchoring
  • Analyzing
  • Being of Service to mySelf
  • Gaining self-confidence and pride through experience
  • Taking risks in spite of fears
  • Valuing details
  • Taking ownership of what is mine to own
  • Focusing on and werkin' my plan
  • Making mySelf clear