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Mandy Steward

Hello and welcome. 

This is a space for daring to create your own world utilizing your very own magic. 

I have a passion for art, and especially art's ability to recreate reality according to that which I value. My life is dedicated to imaginatively playing with the data collected from "the real world" so I can create the beauty and meaning I most need to find. This is my choice. To do this requires: my living, my freedom and my happiness. I have high standards, big desires and great expectations. My greatest spiritual need is to seek and enjoy.

I believe in artists as magicians. What will you create?


This is where I'm headed:

  • Participation in bringing order to chaos as opposed to withdrawing mySelf
  • Creating routines and longevity
  • Focusing on the here and now and creating towards the next and new.
  • Acting on feelings AND not discounting rational thought
  • Softening in my skin
  • Anchoring
  • Analyzing
  • Being of Service to mySelf
  • Gaining self-confidence and pride through experience
  • Taking risks in spite of fears
  • Valuing details
  • Taking ownership of what is mine to own
  • Focusing on and werkin' my magic
  • Making mySelf clear
  • Creating the world for which I long