Art Journals From "The Thrashing Period" Volume I: 1-12

In my post about my Book of Spells, I spoke to my art journals that were created during "The Thrashing Period."

In the last few months I had the opportunity to look through two people's art journals: Lakin and Julie.  I got tears in my eyes realizing how intimate and meaningful each page was to them. They shared just a little of what some of the pages meant or what they were going through at the time, and I thought how much of life was on these pages. It was so beautiful and I am still trying to process what about this art form speaks to me so much. I find myself more drawn to an artist's "as is" art journal than I am to their finished works. 

And so I got inspired to get extra sweaty in my attic and pull out the first three journals in The Thrashing Period. I plan on sharing them here while also investigating my own awe over the artist and her journal. 

*circa 2010

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