{Blank} It Out.

When I wrote this post I talked about the noisy mind that follows a breakdown. Let me define breakdown as that moment you give in to the "badness" of a day and give up hope of wrangling it back in. It's when you feel you simply don't have the energy to do what I talked about yesterday, which is to use all possible means to change your reality. 

The noisy mind that follows a breakdown feels like swirling intense energy on your insides that is uncomfortable to hold. It wants to go somewhere. This is because the way you had hoped things to go did not pan out, and so things feel left unfinished. The problem is you feel out of tries, out of options, out of fucks to give. You are fed up and no amount of angsty energy can literally propel you back into the past to redo what has been done. This makes you more angry and the growling energy grows with seemingly no saving grace to give itself over to. You need to keep moving forward, but how?

When I was feeling this last week, a mantra came to me. __________ it out. I'm calling it the {Blank} It Out mantra. Your body needs to have something to do with that energy. Your mind needs a new focus, so it doesn't keep rehashing the downward spiral of things going out of whack. When I was reeling in the aftermath of my own breakdown, I created these piece of art, and I want to share them with you. Consider them a gift. I'm sure you can think of even more ways to fill in the blank, but maybe this will get you started. 

Magic isn't always whisking you away to a new happily ever after. Sometimes magic is simply the grace-filled act of coming in on your own behalf and playing clean up crew for what just occurred. It is using your creative capacity to dream up time machines and mantras that can serve as a way to M-O-V-E out of that corner you feel backed into. You can always do something...INTENTIONALLY waiting or sleeping count as something too. You are letting time pass. Getting some distance from the heat of the burn of your life. You can always do something.