Secret Message Society - Finally I am here and here I go

It is so invigorating to see these Secret Message Society artists taking the zine and getting inspired in their own ways. 

In the January issue we played with pencil.

And I shared about Dan Price and his little book that first inspired me to make a zine.

We created royal self-portraits on our covers. A daring feat! For some of us it was the first time we had ever attempted drawing ourselves. 

Now these Secret Message Society Members are following their curiosity and diving into artful books and figuring out how exactly they want to use their creativity next. 

It is all together possible that you will be reading a zine about making a zine, and end up having a hankering for handstitching or picking up your dusty guitar and strumming it. Don't get worried that you are are SUPPOSED to be making a zine. What you are SUPPOSED to be doing is being you and living an artful life. Living creatively. However that wants to express itself, embrace it. 

And while you're at, being all creative you out loud, you might just find you are inspiring someone else to be all creative them too. That's what the Secret Message Society is about. Finding a secret message woven into the ins and outs of your day and making something of it. Creating a secret message. Passing a secret message on. Expanding your boundaries. Endowing your life with meaning. Art gives you options. It gives us all options. 

The above images were inspired by the January issue of the Secret Message Society Zine. The February issue is available for order now and focuses on paint. It will be mailed out this weekend. You can become a member here.