In Need of a Plan

Yesterday was my kids' last day of school, and a Summer-long pause on my regular teaching schedule. While I am still teaching, the classes, camps and birthday parties are scattered here and there throughout the next three months, with no clear rhythm to give myself to. Some weeks are packed full, others hold not a single appointment. It's a roller-coaster of time and energy. Summer brings with it so much freedom, which is the good and the bad of it. A beautiful stretch of unregulated time and/or a desolate wandering through no-mans land with no map. 

*Elements of the May Right Brain Planner

*Elements of the May Right Brain Planner

This morning it dawned on me I would very much enjoy printing out and sitting with the May Right Brain Planner (because there is still some portion of May left to be played with!) During the school year, the bulk of my schedule was laid out for me, thus I was penciling in a much smaller window of extras, and I found myself with not much need to creatively plan. When time is constricted, I seem to use it better and know instinctively what to do with it. Contrast that to the Summer, and now Right Brain Planning takes on a new meaning and flow and, yes, even an excitement because the gaps in-between are wide coupled with the fact that the amount of time I am with my humans has greatly increased. This requires me to think out "my time" in advance and then fill in the pieces around that. If I don't have a plan, it is easy for the time to simply disappear and me to wonder where it went and why I didn't do anything that mattered to me, not to mention combatting the feelings of depression, shame, and low-energy/motivation due to reacting instead of preemptive consideration of my time and energy.

I pulled the 8 of cups this morning, and in this particular deck, it was a clear message of knowing where your energy is going, so you don't pour it all out and feel sour because of it. This is precisely the secret message I needed to validate what I was already intuiting. 

I know now why I felt compelled to put together my Tomorrow's Dreams Today eCourse last year at this time. Because this is the time in my year where I feel like I really have some ability to focus on something other than teaching and guiding four kids through their school responsibilities. I quite enjoy the way the wheel of life turns and though I cycle through the same seasons, and grow in my wisdom, I am always different, and so the experience is different.

Last year felt like a necessary strong-arming the summer to do my will. This year feels like a deliberate feeling and savoring the summer sun on my skin and saying yes to the enjoyment of that. 

I'm going to take a day, maybe a week, at a time, following the White Rabbit, and seeing where it leads. And for now I'm going to finish off my coffee and look at the rest of May and see what could happen in my corner of the ImagineNation. If you need a tool to manipulate time and make it work for you instead of against you, I highly recommend visiting Right Brain Planner's planet in the ImagineNation.