Intentional Colour Palettes

My comfy clothes matched this morning's paint palette and I didn't even realize until I finished my art and sat down to sip my coffee by the fire. I'm finding a palette can make or break my art.

As is the case with so much of my art, I tend to hurry in, feeling like there isn't time to give. Like I have to rush in and rush out. Then I am usually less than impressed with the outcome, which can then dissuade me from trying again.

What I am finding is that I have to make an intentional choice to give myself the time needed to carry out my artistic vision. The colour palette really, really matters. So I'm working on that.

Part of that intentionality is simply taking notice of colours that I come in contact with (whether online or off) and making a mental note: "I like that" or "that really works well." Then I can pursue figuring out how to mix the colours to achieve the look I'm after.

I am finding my original goal of painting for 15 minutes is a bit of stretch. It is taking longer due to mixing colours and because I usually prefer to sketch with pencil before I paint. You know me, I'm all about magic, but time doesn't magically appear. It means I have to awaken earlier or cut something else in my morning routine short. This is all part of my expansion fueled by my artistic practice. I am greatly enjoying the journey of it.