Magic School Mini - Napoleon Dynamite and the I Want That Spell

We watched Napoleon Dynamite (again) recently as a family. Truth be known, everyone but our boys ended up going to bed before it was over, but we got some good laughs out of the first half anyway. The character of Napoleon reminds me a lot of a guy I went to middle school with. If only he'd been so lucky to perform a killer dance at our junior high talent show. 

This film is highly quotable, and if you've seen it as many times as we have, the lines seem to make it into everyday conversation quite easily. For example, "Eat the food, Tina!" comes up on a regular basis. 

Over the weekend, my husband figured out a way to purchase some television access to international sports, largely so we could watch all the cycling races. I don’t know why, but I was thinking the stations wouldn’t have commercials. They do though, and a certain one caught my eye as we were making breakfast this morning. The women who were featured were very excited about their purchases, and I told Tony, “They remind me of that woman on Napoleon Dynamite that says, ‘I want that!’

For some context, Napoleon’s Uncle Rico is trying to sell sets of tupperware door-to-door and the incentive to buy is that he is going to pitch in a free miniature sailboat. When he pulls it out from the cardboard box the woman’s eyes get big and she whispers to her husband, “I want that.” If you don’t know what I’m referring to, here’s a short clip. 

Her look of intensity is hard to forget, and though we laugh at how badly she desires this tiny replica, I can't help but think what a wonder it is to feel this intensely about your own wants. How brave it is to whisper them out, to make them known. Uncle Rico is simply NOT walking out of that door without that woman getting her ship. 

 I call it the "I Want That" spell. This magic spell has the power to spark a fire in your eyes. It is a firm declaration to go after something you want. It is a choice to not back down until that which you have set your eyes on becomes your own. It is how goals gets accomplished. It is how dreams materialize. It is how change occurs. 

Because, what if? What if this could go better than I could ever imagine? What if this is going to be fun? What if I discover something new about myself, something new about my body? What if I heal?
— Hillary Rain,

The ship reminds me of something else too. It reminds me of my friend Valerie who gave me a coffee mug with her photo of a schooner on it. Valerie and I had a mutual love for Peter Pan and Neverland and I quickly named this mug my Neverland mug. But this morning the connection went one step further. It is now my "I WANT THAT Neverland" mug because sometimes fiction meets fiction that THEN meets reality. 

In The Magic School 101 we talk about unlikely tools. Often these simple symbols that come to represent bigger meanings in our lives. A sailing ship is an unlikely tool reminding me of going after what I want, flying above the roadblocks and impossible things by thinking about and physically moving towards the good I want out of this life. Our heart is lighter when we start to make real progress towards the things that usually only live in our imagination. When I drink out of this mug I tap into the possibility of my fiction becoming actual reality. I feel compelled to do the work of making it so. 

I would love to explore YOUR Magic with you in-depth this Summer. Send in your application to enroll in the upcoming Summer Quarter of The Magic School 101.  (Especially if you read the description of the course and think, "I want that!")