Nourishers - That Commission Piece

In this post I shared about how a 4th grade student of mine was struggling with his self-portrait. 

I ended the post saying:

In the back of my mind I keep thinking about that commission piece I said yes to, and how anxious I am that the watercolor paper is still blank and white and ominous, lying on my dresser awaiting permission to be written into the next chapter of my life. I penciled it in on my calendar later this week, but for now it is manifesting as a lump in my throat.

I hope my fourth grade student won’t erase his ears again tomorrow. I think if the ears get to stay I won’t stand myself up on Friday for the penciled in date with my watercolor paper. I am walking up to my own edge, and looking over.

Then, I wrote a follow-up post about my fourth grade student and how his ears did get to stay! I ended this post saying:

I couldn’t be more proud of him.

Now to harness his bravery as inspiration for my own. Stay tuned.

So this post is to show you how my commissioned piece turned out.

First a little bit of background. A few years ago I contributed a couple of pieces (pictured above) to an art show that my friend Deanna was heading up. The theme of the art show was breastfeeding and nourishment. A woman there saw my artwork and just recently asked me to create a breastfeeding piece using the same quote as one of my pieces from the art show. We decided on a 16x20 piece on watercolor paper. Here is what I made: