The ears stayed!

This is a continuation from the story But My Hair Doesn't Look Like This.

On the third day of self-portraits I told my student, "You don't have to worry about pencil drawing anymore if you don't want to. You can just jump right in with paint."

And you know what? He did!

He flipped his paper right over, grabbed a paint brush and started painting his skin color. I meanwhile celebrated on my insides. I feel like when one artist has creative breakthrough it affects us all. 

He mixed three shades for his eye color and asked his table-mates and me which one looked most like his eyes. 

He created this striped background all on his own accord (my sample was painted one solid color of red). And I was thrilled when his classroom teacher suggested he stay with me after class so he could actually complete the project to his liking.

So with just him and me in the room, he set to work on that daunting hair of his. I mixed up a colour I thought was close to his hair colour and he said, "Um that's not quite right." He kept playing with it until he was happy and then I heard him say excitedly to himself, "All I did was add a little white and then I made my perfect hair colour!" Once that was decided he didn't hesitate a bit in painting his hair because he told me, pointing to the mirror, "See this is what my hair looks like without gel in it." 

I couldn't be more proud of him. 

Now to harness his bravery as inspiration for my own. Stay tuned.