The Magic School - Purple Crayons and Working With the Data Given

My family of 6 was coming to the end of our drive home from a cycling weekend away. The 3 hour drive was down to about an hour or so left when we got stuck in some pretty gnarly construction traffic. My kids who had already gotten a little animated in the back of our Ford Windstar started to get even more chaotic as if their energy was directly related to the speed in which we were traveling. Slow down car = Amp up people.  

Tony, who was driving, was doing a really nice job of navigating the crawling lanes of cars coupled with the loudness of the backseat. He was also checking out Google Maps and trying to find a better navigation route to speed things up. 

I felt rather helpless. I couldn't entertain myself with reading because my mind couldn't concentrate and I couldn't help Tony with driving or change traffic and I couldn't make my kids calm down. What could I do?

*I could use my magic. 

I pulled out a purple crayon, like the one we use in The Magic School Harold course (which begins July 3 by the way!), and I flipped to the back of my bullet journal and I began to draw the dashboard of our grey Ford Windstar. I drew the vent first and then the dial beside it and then the smaller vent above it. I wrote the words on the dashboard and labeled the picture.

I noticed the commonality in the words. WINDstar, AIR bag, AIR vent. I drew two squiggly lines to symbolize the wind, then I made a note that in tarot cards wind means thoughts, mind, intellect, attitude. I wondered how I could change my thoughts on being trapped in a car with a bunch of pent up energy. (Magic is often used when you feel stuck.)

I stared at that air vent and then I wrote these words:

"This is an isolated time where all I can do is receive the inflow. For the next 48 miles only the best comes through. Inhale deeply. Everything is useable."

I pretended something was being pumped through the vents for the remainder of our time in the car and breathing it in would result in great wisdom. I settled in to take notes and enjoy the stuckness for what it could offer me. Meanwhile, Tony kept searching for a faster way home, which he eventually found, shaving a bunch of time off our journey. Both of us used our powers to find a solution. 

The following is the page of notes I took. I am happy to expound in the comments on any of the notations, but mainly what I want you to see is that I was able to use the data I was given in a less than pleasing situation to find great wealth. What I believe you see here is next steps in my Messy Canvas business plan and also a map for where I am personally headed this summer and beyond. On this page are a lot of my core values and I look forward to seeing the ways they will become a part of my action. 

Everything is opportunity. Everything has potential sleeping inside it. Developing your magic is practicing over and over how to take a less than pleasing situation (for example: I have been interrupted three times while writing this post by my kids fighting with each other and needing my help to mediate. This is not ideal, BUT being intentional about calling myself a mediator puts me in a better frame of mind then calling myself a doormat or getting angry that my kids are oblivious to my work.) 

As I was saying, using your magic means taking a less than pleasing situation and making it work for you. Make it roll over, put its feet in the air and say, "I give. And oh by the way Your Highness, here are the keys to the kingdom." You have that kind of power inside you.