The Magic School - Sally the Squirrel and Her Many Hats

I am figuring something out about my art preferences. More than anything I want art to be imaginative play. Meaning, I want my art and my imagination to hang out, co-conspire, team-up. I get little hunches now and then about this. They comes as rabbit trails, helping me get a momentary *FLASH* sort of epiphany as to where I'm headed. I love these FLASHES.

In The Magic School Course 101 I share this drawing in one of the mini books. This is one of the FLASHES I got. All I knew is that when I made a tiny little paper hat with a rubberband strap for my daughter's T-Rex toy, it felt like I was an artist AND it felt like I was a magician. 

So imagine my thrill when I received this letter in the mail. This letter came from an artist named Jenny Pesavento, a past member of the Secret Message Society.  She has a squirrel that she feeds nuts on her deck, and she named it Sally. She took some pictures, printed them out and added a party hat on one and a crown on another. When I received the card, I put it aside in a safe place, feeling like I wanted to keep it close. 

A few weeks ago I got a text from the teacher leading a preschool art camp I was teaching at. She likes to pull themes from children's books, and this time we were doing a backyard theme, with...get this...a SQUIRREL book as one of her picks. It was called The Secret Life of Squirrels. I immediately thought of Jenny's letter and knew I had to do a Decorate-the-squirrel's-hats, sort of art project. I took out Jenny's picture of Sally, and I drew the squirrel. Then I drew a sheet of hats for the kids to decorate. The photo above is some of the ones created. And OH MY, was there a bunch of imaginative talk going on that day at camp. (You can read HERE about how much I love that kind of art class.)  

If you want to decorate Sally and her many hats, you can download her for free HERE. If you create something with it, I want to see! I bet Jenny would love to see too. 

I'll leave you with the entirety of what was in the art filled envelope from Jenny, including her two favorite quotes for artists!