Traveling Back In Time and Thinking About Being Iconic

A little list for where the White Rabbit has been taking me lately:

  • Obsessed again with the word obsessed.
  • Thinking about the 1930's and the fashion styles at that time, including hair and makeup. This includes thinking about early film stars, Dick Tracy, and Lois Lane and Kit Kittredge as reporters. I feel like a time traveler.
  • Watched Katy Perry's Prism tour on Amazon Prime Video. This was a concert I got to go to live, so it was fun to remember that experience. Katy Perry has come out with three new songs and videos since the Summer and is coming out with a new album, new tour and plans to be a judge on American Idol. I'm riding high on this news. I think she is brilliant.
  • Watched Jeremy Scott's documentary on Netflix as suggested by Janae. He was on my radar as I am obviously obsessed with Katy Perry and he has designed a lot of her outfits. I did some follow-up research after watching the film, reading articles about him. He is definitely a citizen of the ImagineNation, and he deserves his own dedicated post sometime soon. One of the things I found in my research was a quote by Jeremy about brand and icons. 
  • I remembered my friend Valerie doing art she labeled as ICONography. Which made me think about the lady with the golden halo that showed up in my art journal when I was making this eBook. It also reminds me of Alexia's art, like this piece.
  • I did a lot of research on brands and icons (mostly on wikipedia). I called this The Case of the Missing Icon. It led me to this eBook from Braid Creative. I've been going through it and pairing it with Keri Smith's The Imaginary World Of ______ (a brilliant resource we use in The Magic School 101.) My favorite quote from the Braid Creative book is this:
A fuzzy vision can make you feel shy about sharing content, shaky about your offerings, and slow to shape the brand you know you really want.
— Braid Creative
  • Revisited my entire birth chart book from KV, making notes as they related to brand/icon. 
  • Gala Darling came back on my radar. I used to read her blog when I only had one child! I have an old eBook from her, and I think it would be fun to read it again with where I am at in my life. 
  • Redesigned my website. Check my landing page! I'm super proud of that. I also rewrote all the copy so it better tells my story and my vision. I got super geeky with memories from my Journalism/Communications degree, and enjoyed rethinking how I could use my degree to serve my purposes here at Messy Canvas. I also rethought The Magic School Book Club (more on this soon.)
  • Crushed my sunglasses (I've had them for years! They were superglued together already.) Acquired a new pair and feel like a spy again. 
  • Cleaned out gutters and sinks. It's a real wonder to make things NOT clogged up in my life.
  • Worked a day in my husband's bike shop and felt like just a pretty face. I could make warm conversation with customers, but was clueless to answer their questions. I did merchandising and learned a little about running the register. (It felt like my days working for Gap.)
  • Cleaned up and/or packed up my two elementary art classrooms. I HATE packing, but it feels good to be organized and I'm ready for a change in schedule. 
  • Purchased and re-watched Maurice Sendak's documentary, Tell Them Anything You Want. I return to this one too many times to not own it. 
  • Finished reading The Uses of Enchantment and realized how much Fairy Tales and the ImagineNation mean to me. 
  • I also finished reading The BFG and watched the movie. I love Roald Dahl and Quentin Blake so much. 
  • We saw Guardians of the Galaxy 2 (my request) on Mother's Day. We were watching The Office as a family and finished it which led to watching Parks and Rec (which we are still watching) and of course spending this much time with Chris Pratt led me to wanting to see Guardians. 
  • My husband and I have been watching Sex and the City as our show. I'm amazed how much TV is in my life these days, but hello secret messages. Don't feel as though secret messages and magic have to come from a book to count. The ImagineNation for sure includes the realm of film and TV.