(This is one of the best kept secrets in the ImagineNation.)

Welcome to the Secret Message Society.

What is a secret message?

Well it's TOP SECRET, but if you lean in close I'll divulge a little to you. 

A secret message is a reminder of sorts for something you innately know at your core. It is something you are on the lookout for, but don't realize until you find it. It is like an insightful fortune cracked out of a cookie at just the right time. It stands as a piece of proof for what you hope is true. It takes the sting out of ordinary and sucks you through a portal of extraordinary. I believe when you uncover one it can help air out your lungs, melt your heart and bolster your soul. As your friendly neighborhood reporter, and in the spirit of Lois Lane, I'm always on the lookout for them!

Secret messages are not for everyone as they are delivered in the native language of the ImagineNation. If you enjoy speaking to children or are capable of playing pretend you are much more likely to understand this language. I like to think of them as showing up in the underbelly of the Real World, in a layer (or lair) buried deeply below the surface.

Secret messages can be found in everyday life. I am on a treasure hunt to find them hiding in the "real world," using my undercover super sleuth skills, my roving reporter research and my interpreter intuition. It's just a matter of following the White Rabbit and staying alert. 

I would love for you to fall in love with secret messages too. Follow my fluffy white tail and I'll take you down the rabbit hole.

I believe letterboxes are portals and becoming a part of my secret club means I get to travel to yours.

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