(Ssshh...I happen to know this is one of the best kept secrets on the internets.)

Welcome to the Secret Message Society.

What is a secret message?

It's TOP SECRET, but if you lean in close I'll divulge a little to you. 



  • A reminder of sorts for something you innately know at your core.

  • Something you are on the lookout for, but don't realize until you find it.

  • An insightful fortune cracked out of a cookie at just the right time.

  • A piece of proof for what you hoped was true.

  • Something that takes the sting out of ordinary and sucks you through a portal of extraordinary.

  • Air for your lungs.

  • Softening for your heart.

  • Bolstering for your soul. 

  • Found in the everyday and depending on how interpreted, can bring great meaning to life.

  • Something that makes you feel glorious.

Meaning-making* is my passion, and my Secret Message Society magaZINE is my way of creatively sharing what I find.  

*In psychology, meaning-making is the process of how persons construe, understand, or make sense of life events, relationships, and the self. Through meaning-making, persons are "retaining, reaffirming, revising, or replacing elements of their orienting system to develop more nuanced, complex and useful systems." (Via wikipedia.)

Letterboxes are portals and becoming a part of my secret club means I get to travel to yours.

*Help me Time Travel into YOUR future! >>>

A monthly self-publication full of handmade Secret Messages that shows up in your Real World mailbox! No two magaZINES are alike. Perfect for those looking for alternative reading material that aims to inspire, enliven and uplift in order to keep wonder and curiosity alive. You will NOT be asked to "suffer" or" sacrifice" in order to read it. The Secret Message Society honors the potential of the human spirit.