*Current Zine (available through October 14.)

*Current Zine (available through October 14.)

The secrets of this earth are not for all women to see, but only for those who will seek them.
— Ayn Rand, Anthem (quote made feminine by myself)
A woman should learn to detect and watch that gleam of light which flashes across her mind from within, more than the lustre of the firmament of bards and sages. Yet she dismisses without notice her thought, because it is hers.
— Ralph Waldo Emerson, Self Reliance (quote made feminine by myself)

For my monthly zine publications in 2017 my focus is on self-reliance, as inspired by Ralph Waldo Emerson's Self-Reliance and Ayn Rand's Anthem and Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way. In order to be self-reliant it is necessary to tune out other voices and learn to trust and act on one's own creative intuition. As a roving reporter and an undercover spy collecting secret messages in the "real world," this makes for a very interesting game of connect the dots.

I am water behind a dam, ready to pour forth. My hands and imagination are to be fully trusted, permitted to document all the secret messages I am finding. I will not question why certain secret messages need to be included, but will make belief that I will simply know what the pages must contain as I go forward. I will follow the white rabbit and see where it leads. In these pages I will document my findings. Curiouser and curiouser is my mantra.

  • Includes everything mentioned to the left except the Zine will NOT be snail-mailed to you and you will NOT receive the mini full-color art print.
  • You will need to manually go to the Underground Lair every month to download your Zine. These are not archived each month, so be sure to save your own copy on your computer. 
  • The digital version of the Zine is a PDF designed to be printed out double-sided, folded in the center and made into a book. Pages will not be in the correct order if read directly on the computer.
  • Cancel anytime. No refunds.
  • One 20-page Secret Message Society Zine delivered by snail mail monthly and packed with top secret information via my #secretmessage gathering. Designed to inspire, nourish and propel you onward in your own creative living. *NOTE - Digital version will be available to you as well. Details to the right.
  • The zine is black and white except for the centerfold page, which is in full color. 
  • One 2 3/8" x 2 3/8" full-color Self-Reliant SecretMessage art print per month. (Delivered with Zine.) 
  • One giveaway per month offering a chance to win one Messy Canvas #SecretMessage
  • Access to the Secret Message Society Underground Lair with official Membership Card, Blog Badges, & Zine digital download
  • Cancel anytime. No refunds.


I'm thrilled to add that Secret Message Society member Celia Bradshaw is facilitating a private Facebook group for members to participate in an optional monthly postcard art exchange. If you would like to participate in this just let me know upon subscribing, and I will be sure to add you. 



— Cynthia Lee


"Your zines and writing embrace such an openness to story and magic...I am so fascinated and grateful for the impact your work has had on me even with having never met you. I guess that is one of the beautiful things about art."

— Brooke

“I ADORE your zine...it’s my favorite piece of mail. It helps me see my world in a different way. Breathe deeper. Take my time. Admire the whispers around me. Be present. I also just love seeing the world through your eyes.”

— Jessica Russell


Your Zine (and you) is truly one of my favorite things in life!  It's one of the few consistencies in my life - and I cherish how it feeds my soul.  Your vulnerability in sharing how you see the world, and seek out secret messages - and make belief - girrrrrlllll.  I can't even explain what that has done for me.  You're amazing - and I'm grateful for you!”

— Cassandra Aswani


“It captures the beating of her pulse in real time. It’s poetry and art, reeling questions and soul-staggering revelations. It’s hand-stapled, coffee splashed, mascara-smudged, black and white, and feels a little bit anarchist, a little bit beatnik, and all the way bohemian. Actually, it feels like an intimate letter from a very good friend. Like an enchanting message from a mysterious, smoke-shrouded writer scratching away longhand in a musty Irish pub. Imagine that Ayn Rand sat down to write her thoughts to you, that she folded them up into a journal and stapled them tight. Or maybe Anais Nin. Anne Lamott? Yes. And no. Mandy Steward is all of them and none of them. She is all her own, and this provocative new offering leaves me plunged into another world that looks strangely like mine, only with more color in it. And desire. And the intoxicating invitation to be alive.”

*Warning: may cause breathlessness. May cause the first daring trembles of hope. May cause furtive joy.” 

— Hillary Rain

Freedom to be misunderstood. Wild abandon. No judgement. A secret place I can call my very own.

— Deb Taylor