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<<<A Year's Worth of magaZINES REVOLVING Around a New Theme. >>>



*There is no "other",

*There is no "collective",

*There is no need to wait on "the great all"?


I will shrug off that social obligation (to other) in favor of a new way - for me, by me. This is my revolution.

This is how I am seeking to establish self-esteem by facing my reality, making decisions and pursuing happiness.

It's an overhaul of the system and the system is my own human body. It's all I've got, and it's a lot. 

I need new perspective, new priorities, new patterns to go with my new self-reliant knowledge. You know what it's going to take? A BACKBONE! No more being spineless.


In one year's time, what can I do for myself and how will it impact my life?


And while we're at it, what can YOU do for YOURself and how will it impact YOUR life?

That's for YOU to decide.

But I sincerely hope my little art magaZINE showing up in your mailbox once a month will help keep you inspired and on fire for your living. 


I am giving it my all, in hopes, in hopes. 



Zine 59 is available until March 14.

Cover 59.jpg
  • One 20-page Secret Message Society Zine delivered by snail mail monthly filled with my meaning-making art. Designed to inspire, nourish and propel you onward in your own creative living. I want you to have good feels so you can keep on keepin' on. I want you to get excited and motivated about YOUR life.
  • The zine is black and white. 
  • One 2 3/8" x 2 3/8" full-color Self-Reliant SecretMessage art print per month. (Delivered with Zine.) 
  • One giveaway per month offering a chance to win one original piece of secret message art.
  • Cancel anytime. No refunds.

*** MAiL ArT ExChAngE ***

Secret Message Society member Celia Bradshaw faciliates a private Facebook group for members to participate in an optional monthly postcard art exchange. If you would like to participate in this just let me know upon subscribing, and I will be sure to add you. 


Your zine is uplifting and cheering for a gal like me.
— Melanie
I just wanted to thank you so much for the inspiration you’ve provided me with over the past few years. I loved getting my zine in the mail.
— Jane
Excited to follow your thoughts in this years’ zines! (I deleted all my subscriptions this year to save money - except yours. It’s too important to me. Your work matters.❤️)
— Chris
The secret message society has meant a lot for my personal growth and even encouraged me to follow my dreams and go to school...Keep up your great work! Your little magazine has been an inspiration and I still have all my old copies to look over for encouragement.
— Melissa Reyenga
Your zines and writing embrace such an openness to story and magic...I am so fascinated and grateful for the impact your work has had on me even with having never met you. I guess that is one of the beautiful things about art.
— Brooke
I’ve been LOVING my Secret Message Society zines all year. Really and truly devouring them. Thank you for sharing your work and what the world looks like through your eyes.
— Helen McLaughlin
I ADORE your zine...it’s my favorite piece of mail. It helps me see my world in a different way. Breathe deeper. Take my time. Admire the whispers around me. Be present. I also just love seeing the world through your eyes.
— Jessica Russell
The best lunch break reading material - when my Secret Message Society ‘Zine shows up in my mailbox!
— Erin Plaster
I have really enjoyed getting your zine in the mail. Thank you for all the joy it has brought to me over the time of my subscription.
— Kind Regards, Jo-Anne xo