the art journaler


My art journal is where things begin. It’s my field journal. It’s where I jot down notes, drawings, insights and secret messages as I’m out exploring. It’s how I make space to listen to my own voice amidst the noise. It’s a way to love on myself and make time for me to be heard. I art journal as a sort of spiritual practice, as it keeps me attuned to and chasing after the sacredness and wonder in day-to-day life.

My art journal is a collecting place for the things that speak to me, both words and visual prompts. In this way an art journaler is a curator, and the museum exhibit is pieces and parts that eventually make up his or her own voice. As I art journal, I start to see patterns arise in my likes and dislikes and I start to better understand me. With my art journal I am a student of the world, a student of humanity, but even more intimately, a student of myself.

My friend Teresa and I started a community called The Art Journaler (TAJ). We are partners in a “no rules, just prompts” vision to help others learn to hear and document their own voices in an artful manner. TAJ is for those daring to unfold what they previously only peeked at within. I’d love for you to check it out here. 

The Art Journaler is not one person.

It is not Mandy. It is not Teresa. It is not you.
It is not a certain style or a level of artistic accomplishment.
It is a collective us. A messy us. A sparkly us.

A secret us. An entity greater than us.

It is a belonging. And you? You belong.

Welcome inside.

If you’re ready to dive in with us, we facilitate a private community on Facebook for just $5 a month.

Subscribe immediately to The Art Journaler Community HERE.

As art journalers, may we live a lifestyle that develops eyes to see and ears to hear and may we document our discoveries in a field manual so as not to forget the beauty that is our lives.