You just know it’s a good day when you receive correspondence from the magic school🐇
— Sue



COST: $239

Correspondence course via snail mail.

Application required. Download it HERE.

Acceptance determined by Mandy Steward.

Limited number of applicants accepted each quarter.

2018 Schedule for Class 101:

Winter Session - Begins December 31

Spring Session - Begins April 1

I will follow my magic that I have had all along! Thank you Mandy Steward for the reminder. Any time I feel myself forgetting I pull out your last letter to me and read it again. Thank you so much for this journey of discovery. Patiently or maybe a little impatiently waiting for the next The Magic School course!
— Celia

Mail your application to:

The Magic School

1829 Godhania Rd.

Edmond, OK 73003

If you are not chosen you will be informed by email. If you are chosen, but spaces are full you will be placed on a waiting list and informed by email. 


You will receive an email with an invitation to Course 101.

Upon payment you will receive:

One celebratory acceptance packet with special gift!

It’s been a revealing time of excavating my authentic magic self. I haven’t wanted it to end.
— Cynthia

During the quarter you will receive:

  • 4 handmade informational "packets" with assignments. (Assignments will be self-directed, including reading and/or watching a film and then engaging with the material by guided personal application using essays, exercises, brainstorming, creative play, experiments, documentation, etc. To complete an assignment you write a letter to the professor summarizing what you learned as well as dialoguing about any interesting discoveries or questions.)
  • 4 handmade mini-books on the theme of "magic" created by Mandy Steward
  • 4 personal letters - Each an individualized response to your turned in assignments. Think of this like a continual one-on-one conversation through the mail to help you process the curriculum and apply it to your life.

(Be sure to read the LOGISTICS below!)

Required media to purchase on your own. Required Film and Books NOT INCLUDED in course fees. (These are Amazon affiliate links):

Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium

A Woman Speaks: The Lectures, Seminars and Interviews of Anais Nin

The Romantic Manifesto by Ayn Rand

The Imaginary World of... by Keri Smith

Additional fees required:

Postage for mailing your letters/assignments. (Minimum of 4 times per semester.)



You have taught me to have FUN, laugh a little and to just PLAY. I now look at characters and settings in different ways, always looking to see what messages they could be giving me. I feel like this is just the beginning.
— Claudia


Students who take this course will have a strong foundational understanding of everything The Magic School and living a magical life are built on, that is why this course is a strongly suggested prerequisite to any other future courses added to The Magic School. Students will come up with their own working definition for the word MAGIC, and they will understand what that means for them personally. Students will be able to apply their own unique magic to real life scenarios and show great improvement with practice. Students will experience tremendous growth in enjoying and finding pleasure in their own living. Students will develop confidence, pride and creative control that can be utilized daily to usher in a sense of childlike thrill over the details in their own unfolding story.  Students will naturally show great progress in developing a filter for unwanted noise, unhealthy influences, and unnecessary life-suckers. Students will begin to gain a clear sense of direction and focus and passion that is an endless supply of personal challenge and enjoyment. Students will expand their ability to allow others the freedom to find their own magic, rather than believing they must output sufficient magic for everyone they come in contact with. Students will be excited about their living, their learning and their experimenting and have a desire to creatively express themselves to others. They will be inspired to read, explore and get at life. In summary they will be ready to work their magic and play with the prospects of more and ever more opportunity. Upon completion of 101, students may decide to enroll in other future course offerings. Students may also feel equipped to branch off into creating or revamping individual endeavors and projects in all aspects of their own personal and professional lives. 

Just everything about this course - from the readings to the musings to the correspondence ink itself is just so full of wonder to me.
— Michelle

Lesson One - Are We Going On An Adventure?

Assessing your life and taking an inventory of what you have to work with.

Where their story ends and yours begins.

Owning YOUR sparkle.

Just men - the ones who can't see the magic and talk you out of your own seeing.

Don't you see, it's Dumbo not his feather. 

Lesson Two - Anti-dotes and Trans-lations

Familiarizing yourself with needs, desires, wants, goals, values that seem unattainable or fleeting in the "real world" but are necessary to enjoy your living.

Familiarizing yourself with confines, limitations, pain points, protagonists, road blocks, stressors that dampen your ability to enjoy your living.

Simplifying your focus and energy into manageable and attainable bits and pieces that allow you to act clearly and resolutely on your own behalf.

Flipping the script. Turning things on their heads. Creative thinking. Language playing. Mind bending. Heart opening. Deep breathing. Brainstorming. Putting the power back where it your own hands. 

Lesson Three - Imagining Another Way

Recognizing the peace and pleasure of story.  

Assessing stories that have had a powerful impact on you. Asking who, what, when, where, why, how?

Understanding what makes a story moooooooooove you.

Embracing your "hopeless romantic" tendencies.

Getting yourself out of that corner you feel backed into.

Welcoming beauty.

Gathering evidence for your case via fictional characters. 

The "science" of magic. 

Lesson Four - The Bag of Tricks

Get ready to play, play, play with the pieces of your life. We tie up all the loose pieces with a very practical hands on approach to making magic. Once you've grasped the basic concept of this trusty bag of tricks, you can use them for the rest of your life. You can learn to face your living head on and find pleasure in the doing. This is where your world begins to take on its own name, its own flavor, its own pizazz. The possibilities are endless and you will feel energized to follow the White Rabbit wherever it leads.

The magic school loosened up some knots, and I feel the possibilities of creating a new world. I’ll be revisiting the course materials over and over, just like a loop on a perfect day, like Miss Peregrine’s moment for Peculiar Children. So grateful for this experience.
— Rina Rose

Logistics for The Magic School courses. Please read in full.

  • Each quarter lasts twelve weeks (international students need to be aware the course time will likely be doubled due to the extensive time needed for shipping). 
  • You will need to acquire additional course materials in a timely manner.
  • Upon payment, the first assignment will be mailed to you with your celebratory acceptance packet. (No refunds after this time.)
  • You may work on the course at your own pace.
  • Once you've finished an assignment, you will mail it back to the professor.
  • A new assignment will not be mailed to you until you have turned in your previous assignment.
  • If the quarter ends and you have not completed all of the assignments you will NOT be mailed the remaining assignments (unless special arrangements between you and the professor have been made).
  • Final assignment must be postmarked on or before the last date of the quarter.
  • The professor is obligated to respond with four letters during the 12 weeks (one per assignment.) Additional correspondence is up to the professor's discretion.
  • Once the 12 weeks ends the professor is no longer obligated to respond to any mailed correspondence. 
  • To complete a course successfully you must finish all of the assignments within the allotted twelve weeks. 
  • Installment plan available upon request. Divided into four payments of $60 - one payment per assignment. Each $60 payment is due before the next assignment will be mailed to you. 
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