Because I want to enjoy my life and because I just so happen to be {mostly} in control of my own story, I can make belief (believe) whatever I want. 

*The Magic School is a Messy Canvas private correspondence school that delights in fiction meeting reality. If we can have a conversation about the Galaxy named ImagineNation, I believe I can get you to set up home here. 

I never knew I was creating a world which was an antithesis to the world around me which was full of sorrows, full of wars, full of difficulties. I was creating the world I wanted, and into this world, once it is created, you invited others and then you attract those who have affinities and this becomes a universe.
— Anais Nin, The Artist as Magician

Vision of The Magic School

In 2013 I read the following quote that has had an irreversible impact on me:

If magic were still taught today at university, I would have studied it there. But the last college of magic was closed long ago. Today no professor knows anything anymore about magic.
— Carl Jung, The Red Book

In a Galaxy called ImagineNation, on a planet called Messy Canvas, I decided I would open my very own Magic School-ISH version, where I get to be the professor that knows something about magic. 

And here's the thing, I think you can know something too.

The Magic School is being birthed out of my personal desire to merge the world of fiction with the world of reality. To say, "I know ways to survive here in the 'real world' that no one else knows, because I know what I need and I can make belief (believe) a way for myself." 

As a child I was always confused when I finished reading a fictional book, having traveled to such marvelous worlds like Wonderland and Neverland and Oz, only to be thrown back into everyday life where none of the whimsy and adventure I had gathered in my readings seemed to translate.

What stirred my heart in fiction was so often met with a trite, "That's nice, Dear," from society at large.

Much of growing up has felt like this strong-armed compulsion to sign on the dotted line in order to designate my whole-hearted alignment with what others have accepted as the ugly truths of living in "the real world."


The Magic School operates under the delectable faith that YOU, as a student of your own life, have what Maria Montessori would call, "latent powers."

Utilizing the tools of rich fictional stories, your own make belief powers and the content of your everyday life in "the real world," you can creatively unveil and develop your latent powers and piece together exactly what the world you desire to come alive in needs to contain. I know there is a planet with your name on it just spinning its wheels and twiddling its thumbs out here in the vast ImagineNation. How about we discover it?

I believe that only you can create the world you long to step in to, and I believe you WILL step into it because no one is more certified to take on the task than you.

I cannot do it for you, but I am willing to show you what I've studied and made and extend to you the creative tools I am using to harness my artistry as a powerful magic for my life. 

Here are 4 options to consider in order from lowest to highest price:

  1. Taste test some bite-size morsels.
  2. Create your own book of spells.
  3. Dip your toe in.
  4. Dive in deep.
The Amazing Mumford is my favorite magician from childhood. His magic words are "A LA Peanut Butter Sandwiches!"

The Amazing Mumford is my favorite magician from childhood. His magic words are "A LA Peanut Butter Sandwiches!"

Welcome to The Magic School, where you can create your own degree, master your own thesis, accredit your own values, prove your own powers, make your own beliefs and merge a life of imagination with the real world. Where fiction and reality collide, that is where the magic happens.



I have this horrible habit of holding myself back. I would love to create some sort of potion, or tincture, or cast some kind of spell that would stop that from happening.
— Odd Dotty
You have the rest of your life to do the reading.
— Joseph Campbell
Wait, don’t go!

I can see that you’re only interested in the exceptionally rare. I think then, you would be most rewarded to consider...this.
— Robin Williams, Aladdin

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