The Magic School Book Club

*A club of pretenders who enjoy making something of the fictional books we love! 

Taking elements from fiction and creatively applying them to our lives. Cosplay can now expand in ways you'd always hoped it could, and YOU are the secret ingredient. 

Currently available:

Make Belief Starters focus on one fictional book. They are created to get you unstuck AND to get you playing in your favorite fictional realms. I like to think of a fictional world as a portal. It takes you out of the "real world" and into the galaxy named ImagineNation. Each fictional book is a planet in this galaxy. (Hat tip to The Little Prince and his Asteroid B-612.) Gather the tools you need their before returning home. 

Once home you can use your creative powers to artfully make believe (make belief) what will carry over with you into your "real world." When you do this it means you are being "Artist as Magician." (A phrase I learned from Anais Nin which we study more in The Magic School 101.)

I personally like to keep a Book of Spells art journal to document things I gather from fictional realms.

Share your pages online by using the hashtag #TheMagicSchoolBookClub. I would love for you to use this hashtag for any fiction related post. It doesn't have to just be specific to the books that are offered here.

Curated pinterest board HERE.

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