Harold and the Purple Crayon

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Harold and the Purple Crayon


BEGINS July 2, 2017
Perhaps you've heard of Harold - the little bald-headed guy with the purple crayon. He's a real wonder. But why? What does Harold have to offer you? Is there any reason you couldn't wield your own purple crayon? What does the purple crayon (in Harold's hand) do exactly? Precisely what we want to explore!

Harold's story is a creative tale of living and re-centering. His is an active tale, just like yours. He is the embodiment of "Artist as Magician" which we talk about in Course 101. 

We can study Harold and learn from his magic - Purple drawings as symbols on a map's legend. Purple drawings as spells to get us through the challenges of living. If you've always loved this fictional children's book, you might enjoy this unique way of making it come to life in your reality. If you've never heard of Harold, The Magic School would be oh so pleased to introduce you.

In order to complete the course students must send a letter to the professor sharing what they learned (more details laid out in the packet received in the mail). The professor will send a letter of response in return. This correspondence should occur within the timeframe of the quarter. 

During the quarter you will receive:

  • 1, 47-page hand drawn informational packet with assignments (3-hole-punched pages, 5.5" x 8.5" size)
  • 1 jumbo purple crayon
  • 1 letter from the professor in response to your letter/assignment.

NOT INCLUDED in course fees:

Harold and the Purple Crayon book (Amazon affiliate link)

Your own postage for mailing your one letter/assignment. 


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