Make Belief


Make Belief


A 7-day eCourse to show you one of your must invaluable magical powers - IMAGINATING!

Yes, imaginating is not technically a word, but making up words is something we will address in this course which is all about making stuff up. 

Tapping into your childlike ability to make believe, you will find an entry point into your own Imagine Nation where you can realize all sorts of impossible things. 

Your beliefs are determined by you, and no one else gets to take that luxury from you. 

You will begin a practice to play pretend, manipulate reality, make sanctuary, take risks on your own behalf, give voice to the child within, choose your own adventure, gather fellow believers, what-if your way into possibility and believe in yourself. 

This is no heavy course. It will not take intense focus or hours of your precious downtime. It is something you can use again and again as you go throughout your day. It is very practical in that you will use content from your very "real world" to transform your story in an enjoyable and grounding way, but it is very impractical because it is a far cry from the responsibility you have come to know in the adult realm.

You must be entirely mad to join me. 

Throughout the course, if you dare to drop your whispered beliefs down the email chute to me, I will be sure to send a secret message back. This will make your magic stronger. I BELIEVE a little validation goes a long way. 

*NOTE - If the email address you use to purchase the course is not your preferred email address, please contact me and let me know your preferred email address for eCourse delivery.

What Make Belief students are saying:


"I am loving this concept of Make-belief – thank you, thank you, thank you!"

"thank you for this - the portals, the inspirations, this class, this dialog. I can't begin to tell you how much it turns out i needed it all."


"Oh, Mandy. I love this. I'm so glad I decided at the last minute to join this course. I have been so very 'fistaciated' (what a perfect word!) for such a long time. I am grateful for this chance to get a little bit unclogged." 

"Very fun start. And very very powerful."


This is so freeing and I am so excited!!!!
"Thank you for the inspiration. This class has been so powerful. You truly are a magician. Thank you for waving your magic wand and pulling all of this to the surface of my mind so that I can be reminded of my own power." 
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