The Magic School Primer

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The Magic School Primer


A 5-day introductory email mini-course, for anyone curious about The Magic School, but not entirely sure of what it is, if it's worth investing in or how it could impact your living.

In addition you'll receive the free download How to Read a Book The Magic School Way.

This primer will:

  • Give you a chance to interact with a book you love in "The Magic School way."
  • Give you a taste of your own magic readily available to you.
  • Give you an overview of how you can interact and creatively play with fictional story in order to impact your immediate reality. 
  • Give you the insight on how to create spells, unique to your needs. A skill you can use over and over again!
  • Give ideas of how to structure a book club in a compelling way.
  • Stir something up in you and unlock a door or two that could just lead you somewhere very interesting. 

Would you care to Follow the White Rabbit with me? 

What Primer Students Are Saying:

"Mandy, thank you so much for this opportunity!  I had a lot of fun with it.  I definitely am going to apply to The Magic School.

I have loved using literature to spark my creativity!"

— Grace


"I loved this peek into the Magic School so much. Thank you for offering it and allowing me to participate. I want more magic and will definitely apply for the summer session. 
Thanks again for sharing your magic with me and helping me to find my own. 
— Kimberlee, Seeker of Magic and Light


Thanks for sending on the Magic School Primer invitations. I was able to play with them this afternoon, reading favorite bits of a book my mother began to read to me when I was a child ~ The Hobbit. I read it myself again, completely, in High School.

A very delightful practice.

All the Best,

— Dawn


Thank you for this little mini class, it was very inspiring.  (That word sounds so overused, but it is true!)

Many blessings!

— Joni


hi mandy!  thank you for your magic ✨ 
so... i chose to read the Little Prince. 
i'm really enjoying the primer! books hold so much meaning for me, but i've never quite figured out how to respond. your ideas make all the difference! thank you for sharing and for just being you. 
💗  emily


Dear Mandy,

This has been the most exquisite experience. I’ve loved every moment and can’t wait to continue using what I’ve learned & discovered through these 5 days. 

So much love & gratitude for you and your ways of being in this world. 

— Hillary Rain

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