Your dreams (those fascinating envisionings that live in your planet within the ImagineNation) are not nearly as far away as you may assume. The power is all yours, it's just a matter of stepping back away from the details and re-arranging them this way and that like a giant jigsaw puzzle, until can get them to be a fit for your life. 

I am personally still in this process of re-arranging (aren't we always, *ahem.) But the picture has come together enough that I am starting to see the story reveal itself before me. I am marveling at an adventure that I am crafting to fit me at this very time in my life. I am marveling at my dreams that are coming true. I am marveling that this all began in the strangest of ways, and what if I had not allowed it to be so? 

You can allow it be so for your own life. Perhaps a few of the puzzle pieces I have found will fit in your puzzle as well. I would love nothing more then for you to embark on the adventure you’ve been longing for. It is possible, even if it may not unfold exactly like you’ve always imagined. 

Imagine if you could take your dream and tuck it into a capsule and send it off (like Superman) to successfully break through the atmosphere of the "Real World" because you know it will be protected from the fire it must travel through. That is how I think of this course. 

This was originally an eBook and I opted to redo the artwork, edit the chapters and reformat it into an eCourse that can live on my Messy Canvas blog.

Purchase once and return to the content as often as needed. You will create a unique username and password for access to the private content. 

This self-paced eCourse contains 24 secret messages (in a convenient PDF download) and 21 posts laid out as follows:


Dream Capsule

Part 1 

The Encounters

The Email

When You're Done

Unpacking the Dream

This IS Happening

Part 2 

The Excuses Holding Me Back

Marginal Excuse

Responsibility Excuse

Have-Not Excuse

Foolish Excuse

Perfection Excuse

I'm Too Small Excuse

Beware of the Cape

Part 3

Getting Aclimated

The Death of a Dream

Dream Partners

While We Are Sleeping

A Caution on Dream Editing

Would You Just Let Them?