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Current Offerings

Women Who Run With the Wolves Secret Message Prompts:

Last Fall it came to me in a dream that I was to return to the book Women Who Run with the Wolves. I had given away my copy, so I had to acquire a new one for myself. With it I felt this warm connection to a spiritual aspect of me. As you probably know, there is SO much to this book. I wanted more of an on-going way to be with it. In January 2020 I set to work to create these circular prompts coinciding with phrases from the book.

I haven't done something like this in a long time. It has taken awhile, much longer than I am used to projects taking me, but I did only work on it when it made me happy to do so.

I have also created a private Facebook group for anyone who gets these prompts as a safe space to talk about the book as desired. We do a book discussion via Zoom once a month. Please contact me and let me know you are interested in being in the group. 

There are 7 pages of 12 secret message prompts, 84 in total. It is a PDF file. I can send it to you via DropBox. $10 suggested donation to my PayPalMe. Please specify WWRWTW when you donate. Thank you!
Secret Message Society:

This is an uplifting Instagram Community I've created for Possibility Makers.
Everything is an oracle.
Ask - What if?
Ask - Do you suppose?
Ask - Why not?
Just ask.

Currently in the Secret Message Society I host St. Frederick's High Noon Art Meditation. You are invited to post a photo of your art every day at noon your time. (I post central time). The art can be something old or something new. If you can't post everyday, that's okay. Simply take 60 seconds at noon to breathe and softly smile. I believe art is healing, calming and brings people together.

St. Frederick comes from the book Frederick by Leo Lionni. In the story the mice are preparing for the hard winter by doing work and storing food. Frederick stores images. Colors, poetry, metaphors, feelings, art. And when the food runs thin and bodies get uncomfortable, Frederick's collected images help stir imaginations and bring ease and inner-warmth. A collective feeling of "all will be well" is the result.
YouTube Art Lesson-ISH:

Weekly art lesson for the young and young at heart uploaded to my YouTube Channel on Mondays. Please subscribe and like my videos. ♥ I also post these videos on my personal Instagram TV and Facebook. 
Messy Canvas: You are an artist. What will you create?
A 5 week eCourse to get you unstuck as an artist when fear hits. Or to get you calling yourself an artist for the first time. Sign-up here through May 4, 2020! 

Book Discussions
Sing Me the Creation
Women Who Run With the Wolves
The Artist's Way

Art Journaling

This is my partnership with Teresa Robinson of Right Brain Planner in art journaling offerings. New sign-ups will be via her website and announced on my art Instagram account, Secret Message Society. 

We currently offer two options:
The Art Journaler Community - CLOSED 
The Art Journaler Circle - CLOSED

In the Works

Art Journaling For Children

Coming soon-ish!



My name is Mandy Steward.
I am an Artist.  🎨
I am an Art Teacher for the young & young at heart.
I help women #jointheride with @thebikelabok. 🚴‍♀️
I am a Possibility Maker for the @secretmessagesociety 

I suppose we are always healing, but as of October 20, 2019 I am feeling called into a personal healing journey that will play out over the next 7 years, through 2027. Healing will be accessed simply, slowly and with lots of space around the edges. 

I enjoy being outdoors, riding my bike , taking walks, eating good food, reading, laughing with the lighthearted, art journaling, making spontaneously with "ingredients" I have within my reach, creating space for communities of like-hearted people to gather, especially women, and finding secret messages in literally everything.


Please feel free to email me as you have questions or care to give valuable and loving feedback. 

Messy Canvas