My name is Mandy Steward. I am the artist that created the Secret Message Society.

I often get asked, "What is the Secret Message Society?" 

Intriguing name, isn't it?

Most recently a post office worker, who saw the name on an envelope, said to me, "So I've seen this return address every time you've come in here. And I just can't take it anymore. I have to know, am I allowed to ask what the Secret Message Society is? And do you have to kill me if you tell me?"

It gave us both a good laugh. 

Yes, you are allowed to ask. And no, no lives will be taken.

First it may be helpful to tell you what a secret message is.

★Finding a secret message feels like finding hope.
★Finding hope feels like getting unstuck.
★Getting unstuck feels like flowing freely at your own pace.

The secret message logo includes a black background with a white star and text. This is because stars equal hope and the first spark of creation. Finding a secret message is like bits of light appearing in the dark. The light feels so good and it helps you keep going. 

The Secret Message Society is a self-compassionate community of creative secret message senders and receivers. Come get to know us in the Hope Hub.

You might find as you hang around these parts you are naturally someone who is always on the lookout for secret messages in your own life. You might call them serendipities or synchronicities. That's probably what attracted you here in the first place.

Some people who find their way here already speak secret message fluently, maybe they just didn't think to call it that. Others feel like they have some ancient memory of being able to speak it once upon a time, they've just fallen out of practice. 

It does takes some practice, this ability to find secret messages, but once you warm up your senses, you start to find them EVERYWHERE. And then you start to really enjoy your life. And then you start to help others adjust their antenna to tune into secret messages as well.

Secret messages love to be shared. 

The Inter-Net is the portal you seem to have stumbled through. And I am so glad you did! This is simply one dimension where you'll find the Secret Message Society.

I started it for two reasons:
1.) To receive hope.
2.) To give hope. 

I've kept it going because I learned about two things:
1.) Self-compassion
2.) My ability to make magic. 

The Secret Message Society was founded in the Imagine Nation and is actively make-beliefing a Hope Hub. It continues to expand due to the input and hope frequency of others. It is a heart and soul space we all hold together like a Care Bear Stare. It has lifting powers, like Willy Wonka's Fizzy Lifting Drinks. 

Mandy Steward is a conceptual artist, teacher and secret message seeker living in Oklahoma, with her husband and four kids. Through her business, the Secret Message Society, she works/plays with big dreamers with big hopes affirming them with secret messages so they can keep going. She has taught elementary school art and currently facilitates Art Therapy at a Foster Care Community through Edmond Fine Arts Institute. She also curates a community Free Little Art Gallery, teaches at local art camps and organizes bicycle rides for women through OKC Velo/The Bike Lab.

Secret Message Society