Hello, my name is Mandy Steward. I am the artist that created the Secret Message Society.

I often get asked, "What is the Secret Message Society?" 

Intriguing name, isn't it?

Most recently a post office worker who saw the name on a envelope said to me, "So I've seen this return address every time you've come in here. And I just can't take it anymore. I have to know, am I allowed to ask what the Secret Message Society is? And do you have to kill me if you tell me?"

It gave us both a good laugh. 

Yes, you are allowed to ask. And no, no lives will be taken.

The Secret Message Society is a community that welcomes all. If you want to belong here, consider yourself in. I want to belong here just as much as anybody, and sometimes, even as the creator, I forget about my belonging. 

You might find as you hang around these parts you are already naturally someone who is always on the lookout for secret messages in your own life. That's probably what attracted you here in the first place.

Some people who find their way here already speak secret message fluently, maybe they just didn't think to call it that. Others feel like they have some ancient memory of being able to speak it once upon a time, they've just fallen out of practice. 

It does takes some practice, this ability to find secret messages, but once you warm up your senses, you start to find them EVERYWHERE. And you start to think what a wonderful thing it would be if you could help someone else  adjust their antenna to tune into secret messages as well.

Secret messages love to be shared. 

The Secret Message Society really has no official headquarters. It is a heart and soul space we all hold together. I started it for two reasons, One, to have a safe place to say to myself the things I most needed to hear and receive what I most needed to be given, and two to share the power of secret messages with others.

To further play with and develop our intuitive Secret Message Society language and super sleuthing skills and to help us soften to be willing to receive, I have created some possibilities for you to consider: 

My Patreon gives you several "choose your own adventure" options including a snail mail art exchange, daily fortunes (my personal favorite) and secret message snail mailed surprises.

My Secret Message Society podcast where you can hear first hand examples of what a secret message is and how to attract more of them into your life. 

My Etsy shop where you can find secret message trinkets and secret message art that speaks uniquely to you.

My website which includes:
Book Discussion Sessions - for community and in-depth uncovering of secret messages
*A Shop - There are some digital secret message freebies here!

Mandy Steward is an active artist who creates possibilities and a sense of belonging for others. She teaches people of all ages to listen to their inner artist and ask what it wants to share with the world. She currently offers her magic through the Edmond Fine Arts Institute and the Secret Message Society community, where she has taught visual art to well over 5,000 people just in the past 6 years alone. She specializes in operating in the moment to customize a creative and engaging learning environment. She enjoys helping people ignite that first unique creative spark that sends them on their way. She values listening, encouraging and collaborating as a means of bringing hope, enjoyment and assistance. She sees artistic potential in every single person she meets, and loves to invite others to shine. She creates her own secret message art to inspire others to keep going. She holds dearly being outdoors and keeping a dream journal.

Secret Message Society