★ Welcome to the Secret Message Society Patreon! ★

Once upon a time, I had a dream in which two red foxes invited me to start a Patreon. I've been having fun with it ever since, finding my own unique way with it.

My name is Mandy Steward, and I am an artist that is creating a life of flow at an unhurried place. My Patreon gives you a front row view of that.

I believe in the ease of one thing naturally leading to the next. This is often called synchronicity or being in the right place at the right time or going with the flow. I’ve called it lots of things through the years including gathering secret messages, following the white rabbit, and trusting my intuition.

I first found this powerful idea of flow within a dream of mine. From the dream, I fell in love with the “feel” of being in flow, and it has been a glorious obsession since. In my dream I wanted to hoard flow for myself, as something that was my idea. The dream made it very clear that flow belongs to no one and flow is meant to be shared.

My current working theory is that it IS possible to stay in flow at all times, and I am desiring the financial support to live out and test this theory. I desire the opportunity to play with flow. I am asking for your support so I can have the financial margin to be able to fully surrender to the unknown and ease of flow and to document my findings for you. Currently I plan to use primarily this platform of Patreon as well as Instagram to share my experiences with you.

In an effort to keep the documenting simple, I am setting up Patreon in a new to me way, so that all my tiers have equal access to my content. Please consider what financial commitment feels good depending on your own flow of funds. The reason Patreon is so helpful is it gives me steady monthly income I can count on, which brings peace of mind so I can sink into my work and take some creative risks. 

While flow will naturally take me into creating products (like for Etsy and group sessions), I find I really want to shift the focus of my work on sharing the process of being in flow. I feel I share this best through art, photography, videos, written words and spoken words.

Exclusive Patreon Monthly Bonuses (as long as they still feel really good to my flow) are:

★ A set of 30 fortunes, digitally* downloaded (I use these in my daily practice and can’t live without them.)
★ 15% off my “for sale” offerings including my Zoom Sessions and Etsy Shop
★ An optional Art Trading Card Exchange
★ For 2022, flow has led me to give 10% of all my profits to support the creative endeavors of the artist The Starry Cauldron. So as you support me, you are also supporting them.

*In the past I have offered printed versions of the fortunes. The mailings were time consuming, and an added cost, so I am seeking to eliminate those. However, if you are someone that wishes to use the fortunes, but don’t have access to a printer, please let me know, and I will work with you.

Thank you for supporting my field research. This is a new way (for me) of doing work and asking for support, and I am greatly enjoying the process. 


“I’m so grateful to be able to support the work you do, I’ve been wanting to for awhile and am now at a place where I can. I believe in YOU♥️”

— Shannon
“That Feeling of companionship You wrote about today is why I am here -no need Or pressure to do anything but trust the webs of connection between all the secret message finders 💕 Thank you for being a somewhat invisible, very magical, always timely and oh so strong connection for me Mandy.”

— Tania
“Happy to support whatever comes through you. <3”

— Danni
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