I value your support. 

I receive secret messages and one with two red foxes said start a Patreon.

I knew without a shadow of a doubt on May 3, 2020 that I was supposed to create a Patreon.

I drug my feet.

On May 9 I did it. I created it. But then I didn’t share it with anyone.

On May 10 and 11 I continued to talk myself out of it. Completely out of it. I had an awful day of self-doubt, panic attacks, biting my fingernails, overeating, low energy, high level irritability. Getting pulled back into the old way when I am living in a new way. The old way is hiding. The new way is seeking visibility.

The evening of May 11, I was watching Spider-Man: Far From Home, and it hit me - just because you struggle with self-doubt doesn’t mean you’re not worthy of the task your intuition leads you to do.

Previously I actually said to a group of artist friends that I didn’t want to ever use Patreon. That it would make me feel like I was on a treadmill, churning out work, a slave to the system that gives people what I promised them for each tier rather than freeing me to do what I need to do next. And then a month later, I get clarity that I need a Patreon. You see the humor in this, right?

It just so happens one of the hardest things for me to do is to ask for help. So maybe this is just a test. Maybe. But now I know it’s the only way forward. I know the new way is to listen to what we hear, see, feel, know, sense and to act on it, even if we can logically talk ourselves out of it.

Let me introduce you to my Patreon. I know there will be surprises along the way, for my supporters and for me. We will both be surprised along the way. I do very much need a group of people who support my work, so I can continue to live into the new way.

In my dreams I saw a new way, and I didn’t have to force anything. I was not rushed, stressed, or anxious. I was laughing and there was music. I had all my needs met simply because I was willing to be me in all my fullness and be seen as such. Doesn’t this just make sense?

Your support says to me, “Yes, keep going. Yes, we believe you are receiving secret messages. Yes, we believe in listening to them. Yes, we believe this is important work. Yes, we believe in healing yourself you heal others. Yes, we believe in using your voice."

I have to create and share this Patreon because if I can do this, I feel I can make possibility for myself and others. Will you join me for the sake of all of our possibilities? For the sake of all of us who do not want to go back to the old way after so much has been revealed. When I lose sight, you will be here, and that will help. When you lose sight, I will be here and that will help. We’ll sit a little closer each day. If you are familiar with the book The Little Prince, you'll know this is what The Little Prince does with his wild fox - he sits a little closer every day.

I believe it is my work to continue to make playful themed possibilities for us to engage in. To question at any moment why we have lost astonishment, wonder, curiosity and play and to bring it back to us. If this is something you believe in and want more of and would enjoy doing with others, please consider supporting this Secret Message Society community and my vision 👁  for it on Patreon. 

I keep thinking of Byrd Baylor's book, "I'm in Charge of Celebrations," and that is is what I am seeing for the future of the Secret Message Society. Whether in ordinary life, in the new normal or in a crisis, there is always a way to celebrate and a need for play. 🍾  I want to create those possibilities for us. I will need your help and support for that. 

Check out my Patreon page directly to see if one of the levels of support is right for you. 

Thank you for being here!


“I’m so grateful to be able to support the work you do, I’ve been wanting to for awhile and am now at a place where I can. I believe in YOU♥️”

— Shannon
“That Feeling of companionship You wrote about today is why I am here -no need Or pressure to do anything but trust the webs of connection between all the secret message finders 💕 Thank you for being a somewhat invisible, very magical, always timely and oh so strong connection for me Mandy.”

— Tania
“Happy to support whatever comes through you. <3”

— Danni
Secret Message Society