Read about the secret message the foxes brought me on my Patreon Page. I value your support. 

My vision for the Secret Message Society is every changing, but this holds true - I believe secret messages are for everyone and anyone can learn how to find them. 

With your support I have the artistic freedom to follow my flow as an artist and explore different ways for us to connect and play with the synchronicity of Secret Messages. So far this has included things like secret message art drops as well as free digitally downloadable Secret Message prompts and art. 

Supporters have access to an optional monthly postcard art exchange.



“I’m so grateful to be able to support the work you do, I’ve been wanting to for awhile and am now at a place where I can. I believe in YOU♥️”

— Shannon
“That Feeling of companionship You wrote about today is why I am here -no need Or pressure to do anything but trust the webs of connection between all the secret message finders 💕 Thank you for being a somewhat invisible, very magical, always timely and oh so strong connection for me Mandy.”

— Tania
“Happy to support whatever comes through you. <3”

— Danni
Secret Message Society