If you're frustrated that you have some great ideas, but you just can't seem to make any sort of traction on them and so they never see the light of day, let me be your hope in the dark! 

I can help you narrow down your creative dreams, get clarity, organize your ideas into a plan and take action, so we can get that idea living outside you. I can also help you notice your thoughts patterns, so you can learn where you are getting derailed and losing hope. 

This is a minimum 6-month commitment so we can trust the slow flow of creating with ease. 

I specialize in helping you create sustainable work patterns that feel like play, incorporating your natural flow and intuition to help you get things done without squashing your feminine pace. 

I take a VERY small number of clients at this level. I also prefer we have already played together in some capacity before you sign-up for this.

  • The highest level of support I offer for your creative dreams.

  • Starts with an in-depth 90 minute call.

  • 1:1 Monthly private calls to keep you on track.

  • Access to all resources within my app subscription including Becoming a Hope Beaconess ($444 value) and access to my private Secret Message Society telegram and weekly Hope Huddle group calls.

  • On-going 1:1 Telegram Support for you on Monday-Friday

I'm so excited to see your unique creative signal broadcasted. Let's make this happen FOR YOU!


Please note, this price is intentionally set LOW as I am new to opening myself up to 1:1 work/play. I do FULLY intend to raise this price in the future once I have a few client testimonials to share. So if you're considering it, now is an excellent time to get this lower price as I beta test a unique 1:1 approach for my clients. 

Not sure if this is a fit for you or have more questions:

Send me a DM on Instagram and let's talk about it!
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