That's right! The Secret Message Society has an app! It is called Secret Message Society and is available on iPhone and Android devices. 

In it I have gathered all sorts of resources that I've created over the years. This includes ebooks, courses, secret message art, fortunes, zines and digital decks. I'm also actively creating new resources that will get added in. 

I work with a company called Passion to create my app, but not only that, Passion is an excellent business coaching company. I have learned so much from them and am a passionate Passion affiliate.

The app creation process reminds me so much of my blogging days with drag and drop templates and wysiwyg editors. Passion has created just such an interface for app building. If you enjoyed/enjoy designing and creating content for your blog, you'll enjoy building an app through Passion too. You can play with my app first to get a sense for what you could do in yours.

If you are ready to create your own app, please use my affiliate link and feel free to ask me any questions about how the process works. I would love to help you work with this company that has blown me away by their care and resources. I continue to be a Passion client and feel like I'm just getting started learning and creating my app. 

Now let me give you a little friendly Secret Message Society "App Map," so you can choose your own adventure inside it!


A: Self Study

1. Á La Carte

Purchase one-off, stand alone learning resources including courses and digital secret message card decks. Here are some examples of what you'll find in my app when you click on Choose a Product.

2. Hope Bundle All-Access App Pass


Unlock everything within the app for self-study. 


(Includes everything except my foundational Becoming a Hope Beaconess Course)



★Exclusive access to on-the-go, in-the-raw energy of secret message findings as shared by Mandy Steward via a private Telegram channel. Voice and video memos and photographs and words to keep hope alive, delivered in the flow through the Telegram App. ($55 Value)

★Access to any Hope Vision Live-Streamed (and recorded) Q&A or Playshops: hopeful, playful and practical magic content to unblock your creative flow ($111 Value)

★On-going Hope Hub Community on Discord. A kindred group of women with whom to share your story, practice your signal and get support on-the-go, so you keep flowing in your creative dreams without going back into hiding. Plus fun games and divination play including fortunes, tarot and magic 8 ball! (A lucky $13 Value = Priceless)

★Access to all past and new course app content as it goes live. Available for the duration that you are a monthly subscriber. ($44+/Per Course Value) (This includes unlocking the Secret Message Archives of past eBooks, The Magic School coursework, all 69 digital zines and a never released manuscript called But I Am Home.)

★BONUS: Access to the Secret Message digital oracle deck of 94 secret messages! ($55 Value)

★BONUS: Access to the Women Who Run With the Wolves digital oracle deck of 84 secret messages. ($55 Value)

HOPE BUNDLE - a $333+/ Month Value for $50/Month

BONUS...If you have completed Becoming a Hope Beaconess you get everything listed above as well as exclusive access to our weekly Hope Huddle Zoom call on Thursdays from 12:30-1:30 Central.

3. Become a Hope Beaconess

This 6-week program uses Secret Message Magic to build the foundation you need as a creative. It is a unique method to sustainably, cyclically and confidently hear, trust and express your creative intuition that desires to naturally return you to hope. It will locate and reveal your hopeless mind loops, so you can learn to get your hope levels up again and remove creative blockages. This is my simple practical magic on how you can be a Hope Beaconess! We need YOUR flavor of hope to be transmitting! It works like this:
★Seek self-compassion.
★Make your own magic.
★Send and receive secret messages.

Note: This is designed to jump start your creative flow and give us a common narrative to play in, but for maximum support and growth, it is recommend that you commit to a minimum of 6 months of an app membership after completing this program.

B. Play With Mandy Steward

1. Book a one-time, 1 hour, one-on-one recorded Zoom call


To bring practical magic flow to your creative block.

So often I will have people say to me, "I would love to buy you a coffee and pick your brain." I've found two problems with this, one, I don't have time to meet with everyone and two most people aren't serious about taking action.

So I've added this option for those who are serious (in the best playful way) about taking action on their hopes and dreams and simply need some help getting started.

I can help with topics such as:

  • Patreon
  • Etsy
  • Building an App
  • Social Media
  • Publishing a book
  • Self-publishing a book
  • Monetizing aspects of what you love to do
  • Developing an online community
  • Time management
  • Organization or planning
  • Getting into cycling
  • Art
  • Teaching
  • Creativity
  • Writing
  • Creating an online presence
  • Confidence
  • Taking Action
  • Mandy-festing your dreams or creative ideas
  • Simplifying systems and/or thought processes
  • Reframing thoughts
  • Developing a plan
  • Getting your hopes up again
  • Creating structure

If you've seen me do it and want help doing it, I am happy to help. My secrets are your secrets. After you reserve your call with payment, you'll fill out a consultation questionnaire that will help me prepare to make the most of our time together.  I look forward to helping you!


“Mandy uses her creative content to create a container, so we can make meaning. She gives direction to the seeming chaos and says, ‘It’s orderly in this way.’ She tells us it’s a friendly world and we are one of the Universe’s friends. But you have to stay open for it to work or it can’t find you. She believes in us. She actually believes it."

— Julie
"The Hope Hub attracts just the right people and it is a safe and welcoming space to learn and share! Mandy is very approachable and kind."

— Jen
"The lessons all hit home...I found myself stopping and starting the videos to write down word-for-word some of the sections because they meant so much and I wanted to remember them. That really helped me to consume the messages better too."

— Molly
Secret Message Society