That's right! The Secret Message Society has an app! It is called Secret Message Society and is available on iPhone and Android devices. Now there will always be a secret message in your pocket!

I've made it easy for you to know just how to get started. When you download the app you'll begin with a section clearly marked Start Here and continue from there. 

While you can get started for free, the membership dues to become a Secret Message Society member are only $5 a month and unlock all sorts of resources in my app including my courses on Hopes and Dreams and an in-app Secret Message Society community exclusively for members. 

One of my most used aspects of the app, and the vision I've had for it from the outset, is that you can have a new secret message to read each day. I'm currently building this section out so you can have a new fortune for every day of the year.

Want to get to know myself and the community even better? For an additional $25/month you can unlock access to a weekly group coaching zoom call, the playbacks from those calls, and an exclusive in-app community. 

Interested in building your own app?

I work with a company called Passion to create my app, but not only that, Passion is an excellent business coaching company. I have learned so much from them and am a passionate Passion affiliate.

The app creation process reminds me so much of my blogging days with drag and drop templates and wysiwyg editors. Passion has created just such an interface for app building. If you enjoyed/enjoy designing and creating content for your blog, you'll enjoy building an app through Passion too. You can play with my app first to get a sense for what you could do in yours.

If you are ready to create your own app, please use my affiliate link and feel free to ask me any questions about how the process works. I would love to help you work with this company that has blown me away by their care and resources. I continue to be a Passion client and feel like I'm just getting started learning and creating my app. 
“Mandy uses her creative content to create a container, so we can make meaning. She gives direction to the seeming chaos and says, ‘It’s orderly in this way.’ She tells us it’s a friendly world and we are one of the Universe’s friends. But you have to stay open for it to work or it can’t find you. She believes in us. She actually believes it."

— Julie
"The Hope Hub attracts just the right people and it is a safe and welcoming space to learn and share! Mandy is very approachable and kind."

— Jen
"The lessons all hit home...I found myself stopping and starting the videos to write down word-for-word some of the sections because they meant so much and I wanted to remember them. That really helped me to consume the messages better too."

— Molly
Secret Message Society