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“eye love these stickers!”

— Lakin
“#secretmessages are THE most heart & soul speak in it's most raw & honest form. They have helped me transform & transition so I love sharing them with my loved ones in hopes that they find the same comfort & wisdom I do. Thank you, Mandy!! You have mah heart!! <3”

— Sheena
“Love, love, love. This is my new motto. I love the simplicity, yet dramatic nature of the art! Thank you!"

— ldygwnvr


Secret Message Fortunes

A PDF sheet of 30 fortunes! They are kind of like fortune cookies meet mad libs. Available for free.

If you enjoy these fortunes, you can support the $5 tier on my Patreon to receive a monthly digital download of secret message fortunes.

Secret Messages of Hope

☆I am making my HOPE secret messages available for you to use. Download a FREE PDF, 2 sheets of 6 different "There is always hope" secret messages that you can print, cut and drop around your city for others to find. Hope is for sharing!
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