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“eye love these stickers!”

— Lakin
“#secretmessages are THE most heart & soul speak in it's most raw & honest form. They have helped me transform & transition so I love sharing them with my loved ones in hopes that they find the same comfort & wisdom I do. Thank you, Mandy!! You have mah heart!! <3”

— Sheena
“Love, love, love. This is my new motto. I love the simplicity, yet dramatic nature of the art! Thank you!"

— ldygwnvr

Women Who Run With the Wolves Secret Message Society Prompts

Last Fall (2019) it came to me in a dream that I was to return to the book Women Who Run with the Wolves. I had given away my copy, so I had to acquire a new one for myself. With it I felt this warm connection to a spiritual aspect of me. As you probably know, there is SO much to this book. I wanted more of an on-going way to be with it. In January 2020 I set to work to create these circular prompts coinciding with phrases from the book.

I haven't done something like this in a long time. It has taken awhile, much longer than I am used to projects taking me, but I did only work on it when it made me happy to do so.

I have also created a private Facebook group for anyone who gets these prompts as a safe space to talk about the book as desired. We do a book discussion via Zoom once a month. Please contact me and let me know you are interested in being in the group. 

There are 7 pages of 12 secret message prompts, 84 in total. It is a PDF file. I can send it to you via DropBox. $10 suggested donation to my PayPalMe.

Please specify WWRWTW when you donate.

Thank you!

Secret Message Fortunes

A PDF sheet of 30 fortunes! They are kind of like fortune cookies meet mad libs. Available for free for a limited time. (Not limited like you have to feel rushed and do it today, but limited in like not forever.)
A special thank you to my Patreon supporters who help me offer things like this for free so we can all play. Otherwise I'd probably make you collect cereal box tops or something and mail them in for a prize that reads Drink More Ovaltine. 😆 Ever so grateful. 🦊 

Secret Messages of Hope

☆I am making my HOPE secret messages available for you to use. Download a FREE PDF, 2 sheets of 6 different "There is always hope" secret messages that you can print, cut and drop around your city for others to find. Hope is for sharing!
Secret Message Society